Choosing an aluminum fishing boat when the selection is enormous is at best difficult. If you are attending […]

During the first 2 weeks of December 2018, Boater’s Chat proceeded to take a detailed examination of the construction characteristics of most major recognized pontoon brands available in Ontario.  These pontoon brands will be displayed at the 2019 Toronto International Boat Show. For the purposes of the comparison to be fair to all parties we selected a 23’ mid-level 3 tube pontoon model as designated by the builder.  The largest selling model at this time in the Ontario marketplace is the 23’ 3 tube model which provides an excellent family boating platform for many recreational activities at the cottage.

Thinking about purchasing an aluminum or fiberglass constructed fishing boat for the family?  Welcome to Boater’s Chat and the continuing series on purchasing aluminum or fiberglass built fishing boats at The Toronto Boat Show or during the boating season!  In the first article we covered the Utility series with its strengths and weaknesses….now we move on to the side console, dual console and walk through windshield models….the meat of the fishing boat wish list!

Are you seeing pink blotchy or round pink colour discolouration on your expensive particularly white or off white vinyl upholstery?  The pink blotches  may also be found radiating near seams and stitching.  My name is Tom Welsh and I am the general manager/owner of Huntsville Marine since 1986.  I remember well in the late 80’s pink mold on particularly the seam areas of white vinyl boat tops…..never could get it off either.  Recently I have seen and heard of numerous cases of the pink blotches being found again and on some fairly pricey boats as well.  One large marina in Muskoka ( not Huntsville Marine) seemed to be having numerous cases of it!

Bowrider, pontoon boats and fishing boats are not inexpensive family purchases!  Tens of thousands of dollars have been spent for marine excitement.   How do I best protect that boating investment over the harsh winter months?   After a great summer of family fun and adventure….it is time to place the family boating treasure into winter hibernation….what should we do and what should be done?