Geese, Seagulls, Blackbirds or Kites take your choice and poison!  Birds and boats both fiberglass bowriders and aluminum pontoon boats do not get along at all.  Birds are cute…right….  Well those birds are destroying your boat tops, staining fiberglass and upholstery,  marking wakeboard towers and just generally being a large pain in the wallet. Plus can cause considerable stress.  There is a medical term for this…PTBD…Post Traumatic Bird Disorder!  Leaf staining particularly Maple Leaves as well as Pine pitch and Pine needles are a pain and stain (PTLD)!

During the first 2 weeks of December 2018, Boater’s Chat proceeded to take a detailed examination of the construction characteristics of most major recognized pontoon brands available in Ontario.  These pontoon brands will be displayed at the 2019 Toronto International Boat Show. For the purposes of the comparison to be fair to all parties we selected a 23’ mid-level 3 tube pontoon model as designated by the builder.  The largest selling model at this time in the Ontario marketplace is the 23’ 3 tube model which provides an excellent family boating platform for many recreational activities at the cottage.

Looking for a pontoon boat that will make your heart pound with excitement?  Crest, South Bay, Starcraft, Princecraft, Bennington, Cypress Cay, Harris and Manitou Pontoons to name a few are all looking for their pontoon boat to be tied up at your dock.  All of these recognized brands offer three tube and two engine models…all promise performance and handling…but what are the features you should be considering?