Choosing an aluminum fishing boat when the selection is enormous is at best difficult. If you are attending […]

Thinking about purchasing an aluminum or fiberglass constructed fishing boat for the family?  Welcome to Boater’s Chat and the continuing series on purchasing aluminum or fiberglass built fishing boats at The Toronto Boat Show or during the boating season!  In the first article we covered the Utility series with its strengths and weaknesses….now we move on to the side console, dual console and walk through windshield models….the meat of the fishing boat wish list!

Outboard powered fishing boats constructed in aluminum and fiberglass are white hot in the marketplace!  Fishing offers the family, or the dedicated angler fun, adventure and the challenge or the excitement of the hunt!  To find an activity that all members of the family value and enjoy can really make those family times and moments special.  Thinking about getting into fishing or perhaps now that you are hooked on fishing…want to up your game?  What species are you dreaming about getting hooked up with?