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Boater’s Chat is unique. Some would call this inside boating buying information dangerous!

Heading to The 2016 Toronto Boat Show for a new bowrider, pontoon boat or fishing boat?  The marine business is not unlike the car business and most dare I say all major item manufacturer’s in that they have professional marketing departments that employ top marketing firms to get their product front and center in best favorable light for your buying decision. All boat builders in their marketing have what I call “spin”.  Spin is the message to present or twist their boat and its attributes in the best possible light.  Twist the message on the not so good stuff and push hard on the strengths.  Hello and welcome to Boater’s Chat!  My name is Tom Welsh and I am the owner along with my wife Brenda of Huntsville Marine located in Huntsville Ontario.  I am presently 29 years into a life sentence in the marine business.

As background on this blog you should know that Huntsville Marine retails the following boat brands:

Huntsville Marine specializes in runabout boats under 23′ as well as pontoon boats and aluminum fishing boats.  Do I think that these are the only quality brands available in the Ontario marketplace?….no!  Do I think that every boat buyer should buy their next boat from Huntsville Marine?….that would be nice…but the answer to that is no!

With the 29 years of boating knowledge I have accumulated I will present to you some  interesting insightful looks, facts or opinions on bowrider and pontoon boat buying and boat servicing.  I do have a reputation for being blunt, rough and gruff plus a low pressure salesperson coupled with bare honesty on subjects I am familiar with.  I am like all people….I do have some built-in bias but I will present a logical discussion on our bowrider and pontoon boat topics with real honest gleaned information from the internet and based on my 29 years of experience.

On a day-to-day basis Huntsville Marine competes with some of the big boys in the marine business such as Gordon Bay, Pride of Muskoka and The Boat Warehouse to name a few.  Muskoka has a lot of marinas. Every major boat line is represented by a marina in Muskoka….competition can be very tough and fiction over fact sometimes prevails.

Boater’s Chat has been on the web before on two different occasions.  The last time was 2 years ago and encompassed some 50 articles on boat buying and boat servicing.  It caused a bit of a stir at the 2013 boat show!  You may still find some of these articles on a search but unfortunately most of the blog articles were lost with a host change.  Huntsville Marine is not the largest marina or boat retailer in the Muskoka region…we are not trying to be that but Huntsville Marine strives to be different in a positive customer focused way each and every day!  Huntsville Marine has enjoyed considerable success and recognition over the years.  Huntsville Marine is the 2015 Reader’s Choice Award winner for Best Marina and Best Boat dealer in the Huntsville and Lake of Bays area. In fact we have won this award 3 of the last 4 years. Enough of the background information…lets get to it!

Boater’s Chat can be blunt and to the point…not a lot of icing placed on the cake! If you take the time and put in the work you will be rewarded with a superior bowrider or pontoon boat purchase that maintains its appearance and continues to pride in ownership for a very long time.  There is at times so much bullshit piled on at The Toronto Boat Show for example,  that those working the show need a good pair of wings to stay above it and keep from drowning in it.  Get yourself some wings and become a knowledgeable buyer that can recognize the steaming pile and knows when to move on!