Best Center Consoles…Seafox Boats enters the Ontario Market!

Seafox in Ontario Seafox now available in Ontario...competition not excited

There is a fox in the henhouse and all the chickens are squawking! So…there are already a number of centre console brands and dealers throughout Ontario…true! If you are considering a center console purchase in 2020 including the Toronto Boat Show and the Barrie Boat Show…this is great news for you! Why…its all about the money and value?

Before we get much further into this…let me disclose that Huntsville Marine was selected as the exclusive dealer for Seafox Boats for Ontario. So then the question can be…..why Seafox for the boat buyer and why Seafox and Huntsville Marine became partners in the center console marketplace.

Why Seafox Boats

As a boat buyer looking for a family recreational boat…why should my very hard earned family resources be wrapped around a Seafox Boat? Most buyers have heard of Boston Whaler which has a huge number of models and a solid reputation. Other brands presently retailed in Ontario would include Blackfin, Pursuit, Edgewater, Pioneer, Key West, G3 and Wellcraft to name a few. Lots of choice…lots of selection for you! What are the driving reasons to purchase a Seafox Boat?

  • Quality of the build. All composite state of the art building materials utilizing industry best isothalic gelcoats and vinyl ester barrier coating.
  • A 10 layer lamination schedule…very unusual to rarethis boats are so tough and perform so well in rough water conditions that the US Navy utilizes Seafox boats for drug dereliction in the Caribbean and Pacific waters.
  • Carolina bow flair plus negative otter hull chines for a dry wave slicing industry best ride in rough conditions
  • Recognized as having the finest T Top available bar none
  • Best comfort level in the bow area of area center console…superior seating
  • Pressurized livewells only with aquarium view standard. this provides superior protection for fish inside the live well from bruising and unwanted stress
  • Price…up to 25% less expensive than competitive brands and that is a lot of dough

Why Huntsville Marine Chose Seafox Boats Over Other Brands

The author of Boater’s Chat Tom Welsh has been retailing boats in Ontario for 34 years….I consider myself a value/quality/price person…I hate crap! Huntsville Marine is looking for a long term relationship with our customers…we are not a retail only marine dealer. Huntsville Marine has a very large and growing service and indoor boat storage operation as well as the largest boat rental operation in Northern Muskoka. Sea Fox also represents an attractive rental option.

Sea Fox has a wide breath of recognized center console boats from 18 to 36 feet and are active in developing new models. The 247 Avenger is a unique boat with its extended starboard side center console extension. The quality and comfort of the bow area in Sea Fox boats is a real game changer in the center console market. The upholstery and layout rival high end bowriders. For those families recognizing the value and true boating pleasure of a true centre condole design but may not just want a boat for fishing adventures, Sea Fox is a strong offer to consider. Add as well the sun protection from the industries best T Top design which eliminates all the problems of soft canvas tops, the fully enclosed adult size head and your families water adventures just got way more exciting and with way less nuisance issues. The optional ski bar is a nice touch as well!

Sea Fox will be introduced to the Ontario marketplace at the Barrie Boat Show Feb. 7 to the 9th 2020. For more information on this show follow the link below: