Lund Boats….They Claim They Are The Best….Are They?

Full windshield aluminum fishing boat by G3 powered by a Yamaha Outboard

Lund Boats are a very well-known boat brand for the fishing enthusiast.  Are they just as good as a Lund…a frequent prospective fishing boat buyer question?  Or the Lund salesperson would say…its a Lund….no one else stacks up…we are the best built!  Is that true…do the specifications stack up in their favour as well as value versus price relationship?

For this discussion we will leave the weld versus riveted conversation for another day.  Lund boats are riveted and they claim this makes them superior in construction quality.  Okay then lets take a look at the perhaps most popular fishing boat segment the 17′ model.  We are going to compare 3 models in this segment…2 by Lund and 1 by G3.  For those who do not know Lund is a Brunswick Company with Crestliner and Lund being manufactured in the same plant by the same personnel using the same aluminum H34.  G3 is a Yamaha Company manufacturing only G3 Boats using the H34 aluminum sheet type the same as Lund.  H34 is the most widely utilized aluminum sheeting in the boat business including pontoons.  Lets get to the comparisons….for comparative  purposes and to keep this fair we will look at the G3 V17 Angler F and SF models and the Lund 1750 Rebel VS Sport as well as the Lund 1775 Crossover.  

Aluminum Type and Quality Lund Versus G3

Conclusion: Both utilize H34 aluminum sheeting therefore a draw no advantage either way.

Hull Thickness and Rivets

Lund 1750 VS Sport and Lund 1775 Crossover according to their published specifications have H34 aluminum construction of 0.63 above the water line and 0.80 on the bottom with the exception of the bow area to the windshield which is double plated at 0.143 for the 1750 Sport and 0.160 for the 1775 Crossover.  Lund claims that the double plating adds strength in the high impact bow area which is a reasonable claim.  Okay how about G3?

The G3 V17 Angler also uses the same H34 aluminum sheeting and the stated thickness here is 0.80 above the waterline and 0.160 for the entire hull bottom which is completely double plated…interesting as G3 definitely goes further on bottom strength and provides 27% additional hull thickness on the sides above the waterline.

With regards to rivets…all are riveted…G3 has more of them closer together and uses a larger headed rivet….

With regards to hull strength then….G3 is the clear winner as the entire hull bottom is double plated and as Lund considers double plating a Lund advantage…they are only doing half the job on the bottom hull.  Side thickness for the G3 is 27% thicker and therefore it follows stronger.

If we examine the hull weights The 1750 Rebel VS Sport is listed as 1135 lbs and the 1775 Crossover is notes at 1310 pounds for the hull only.  The G3 V17 Angler is listed as 1480 pounds or 13% heavier than the larger 1775 Impact and 30% heavier in construction materials than the 1750 Rebel VS Sport.  Why is hull weight important….hull weight is true mark of how much material for support and construction went into the build.  In the boating business a simple rule of thumb is the for every pound on material cost is out at $5:00 minimum not including labour, transportation costs or additional engineering costs.  Using the $5:00 per pound costing only for material then the G3 V17 Angler has $850 more material in the construction of the hull than the 1775 Impact and $1725 more material value that the 1750 Rebel VS Sport.  Interesting…..

Conclusion: The clear winner here based on construction is the G3 17 Anger model over both the 1775 Lund Impact and the 1750 Lund Rebel VS. 

What About Features As Standard Equipment?

Steering:  Both the Lund 1750 Rebel VS Sport and the 1775 Impact are standard with No Feedback steering widely used in the industry on situations of maximum horsepower ratings 115 HP or less.  The G3 17 Angler has standard hydraulic steering which is far superior and adds considerably to the enjoyment of the driving experience especially in tight quarters and running down the lake at higher speeds…no arm fatigue and on hand operation similar to an auto is achieved.  Hydraulic steering installed has a value of up to $1000.00 and with the G3 this is included.

Live wells:  The G3 has 2 livewells bow and stern with a  combined size of 50 Gallons.  The 1775 Impact also has 2 livewells but with a lower holding capacity of 27 gallons. the 1750 Rebel VS Sport as coming with a standard 14 Gallon live well only.  The G3 is 85% larger in livewell capacity than the Lund 1775 Impact and 352% larger in livewell capacity than the 1750 Rebel VS Sport.  Advantage G3 V17 Angler.  Additional capacity in the livewells has a value of $500 versus the 1775 Impact and over $1000 versus the 1750 Rebel VS Sport. 

Seating:  The G3 Angler 17 comes standard with 3 upgraded seats whereas the Lund 1750 Rebel Vs Sport also has 3 and the 1775 Impact comes standard with 2 seats.  Having looked at both seats the G3 has the higher value seats as standard.  Advantage G3 both in the quality of the seats and in standard number supplied versus the Lund Rebel 1750.

Storage:  The G3 V17 Angler has 4 substantial plastic lined storage bins with lips to make these water-resistant in the bow floor area providing significant storage for life jackets, tackle or other necessities.  The 1750 Lund Rebel and offers 3 storage lockers in the floor area in the bow no comments about liners or water resistance.  Advantage G3 with 25% more storage available plus liners and water resistance included.  

Trailer:  Both Lund’s come standard with a Shorland’r painted bunk trailer.  The G3 comes standard with a 4 bunk powder coated frame trailer with a detachable tongue.   Unfortunately for Lund there is no dispute that powder coating is far superior to painted in terms of corrosion resistance and will look like new much longer than painted.   Advantage G3 17 Angler with an additional value of $250.00 for the powder coated frame and nicer rims plus radial tires as standard with a value of an additional $260.00.

Layouts:  The available layouts for the G3 17 Angler and the Lund 1750 Rebel VX Sport and 1775 Impact are the same.  We will note this as a draw on this item.

Track Systems:  Both the G3 and Lund models have a track system ingrained into the inner gunnel wall to which options including such things as rod holders or downrigger brackets may be installed.  The G3 does have an outer track system for domes to slide in for boat canvas which is superior to fix mounted domes normally drilled into the wall of the boat.  This is cleaner and allows for custom fitting of the canvas as it ages plus the ability to reflect small discrepancies in factory canvas sizing providing consistently improved canvas fit.  Advantage G3 based on track system for canvas domes…value $250.00.

Power:  All Lund boats are paired with Mercury Outboards as standard and G3 are paired with Yamaha Outboards.  It is possible to break up the package concept but in both cases a penalty is involved.  Outside of the brand loyalty if you prefer Mercury or Yamaha we will not this as a draw.  

Size:  The G3 V17 is 17′ 2 inches in length and a full 96″ in beam.  The Lund 1750 Rebel is 17’6 inches in length by an 85″ beam.  The G3 V17 is 11″ wider or 12% wider than the 1750 Rebel but 4″ shorter.  In actual useable interior space the G3 V17 is 13.28 square feet larger in cockpit space than the 1750 Lund 1750 rebel.  The 1775 Impact is the same width as the G3 at 96″ but comes in 9″ longer or 6 square feet larger in the combined cockpits for an additional minimum $3000.00.  Advantage: Cost versus available space an advantage definitely swings towards the G3 V17 over the 1750 Rebel VS Sport and the slight advantage the 1775 Impact has in space is negated by the additional costs.  

Pricing:  Pricing always varies with every brand based on the US dollar versus the Canadian dollar exchange rate as G3 and Lund are manufactured in the United States.  These 3 models as of the timing of this comparison are within 8% of each other with the 1750 Lund Rebel VS Sport and the G3 17 Angler being essentially the same price without any options added and the 1775 Impact being the highest price of the bunch.  The inclusions as standard features on the G3 V 17 Angler of a minimum of $3000 retail value over the Lund Boats do sway the decision to the G3 V17 Angler.

Winner:  The above compatibles clearly note the G3 V17 Angler as the clear winner in value, construction and inclusions for the money.  Lund is getting caught resting on past glories and the competition has closed up any perceived difference or the in case of the G3 V17 Angler provides the boat purchaser with a superior value situation at the same or reduced cost as a comparable Lund by some $3000 plus HST.  

Notes:  Information utilized in this comparison were taken from the Lund website 2018, available information on the web as well as catalogs for the brands for 2018 on March 13, 2018.  Also as a mark of full disclosure Huntsville Marine represents G3, Crestliner Boats, Sleeker Boats and Kingfisher Boats powered by Mercury Outboards and Yamaha outboards.  Values for inclusions were based on Crestliner or G3 pricing at this time.

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